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Renewyourtag.com FAQ:

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Q1:  What is Renewyourtag.com?
A:  Renewyourtag.com is an alternative payment channel to help people with paying County related taxes easily and without having to wait in line.

Q2:  Where do I find my Secret Code, Record number, or Pin number?
A:  You will receive a renewal card in the mail. On the card you will find your number and/or code.

Q3:  What is an e-check?
A:  It is just like writing a check from your check book. Just make sure you copy the 9 routing numbers and the bank account number accurately. This option may not be available in all counties.

Q4:  Is the site secure?
A:  Yes, 100% secure, we use a 256 bit encryption for every transaction going through our system.

Q5:  What is the internet handling fee?
A:  The "Tax Handling Fee" is the IMS Enterprises cost for online or over the phone payments. This fee covers the cost of developing and maintaining the website, our customer service team, credit card fees, and the payment interface with the county system. The "Tax Handling Fee" for a single tag renewal is $3.50 or 3% of your total, whichever is greater. The "Tax Handling Fee" for multiple tag renewals is $5.00 or 3% of your total, whichever is greater. The "Tax Handling Fee" for Business License renewals is $5.00 or 3% of your total, whichever is greater.

Q6:  Will the Temporary mailing feature act as a change of address?
A:  No, this feature is intended for military personnel, college students, and other circumstances in which the person can not receive their mail at the address on record with the County.

Q7:  Why do I have to pay an internet handling fee?
A:  Your County has no legal authority to assume the expense of online payment for your convenience. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express banks charge processing fees that must be paid by someone.

Q8:  Is there a cut off date or deadline for renewing online?
A:  You may renew your tag up until midnight on the last day of your renewal month, unless specified otherwise by your local county office. If for any reason your driver's license, insurance or any other required information does not verify, and you have to upload documentation, it may take up to the next business day for the county to verify. PLEASE NOTE: If you attempt to renew on the last day, after the close of COUNTY business hours, then your renewal will be subject to late fees and penalty.

Q9:  Why am I receiving the error "Sorry, the tag number you entered was not found in the system."?
A:  This error is generated any time a tag is not found in our system. This may be caused by keying the tag number in incorrectly (using a capital 'o' instead of a zero, or a '8' for a 'B') or if the tag you are trying to renew is for a prior month and has been purged from the system.

Q10:  Is my special tag fee/discount applied to the amount on this site?
A:  Yes. All fees and discounts are already applied to your renewal. The amount you see on your card and the amount you pay online both include those amounts.

Q11:  Where can I find the form for Handicapped renewals?

Q12:  How long will it take for my e-check to process?
A:  E-Checks may take up to 10 days to process.

Q13:  How long will it take for my Credit card or Debit card to process?
A:  Credit Cards and Debit cards may take up to 7 days to process.

Q14:  Can I change my address online?
A:  Most counties allow a change of address online, as long as you remain in the same county. When you submit a change of address, you will be temporarily "locked out" of the web site until the county updates your address. This usually takes 1 to 2 hours or the next business day if it is after 5 or the weekend.

Q15:  Can I personalize my tag through this website?
A:  No. This website is only for the renewal of tags. In order to reserve a personalized plate, you will need to do so at the Alabama Department of Revenue website here.

Q16:  How do we get our decals?
A:  The county will mail your decals to you. Once you process your payment the county will mail the decals and or new plates in 3 -5 business days.

Q17:  Why do I have to pay a mail fee for an online renewal?
A:  The mail fee is charged by the county to cover the cost of renewal notices and mailing out the decals.

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